• Where is Sage Wedding Albums (SWA) located?

    Our studio is located in Greater Los Angeles, California.

  • Who owns Sage Wedding Albums?

    Brothers Kris and John Kim own and operate Sage Wedding Albums and Jack and Carolyn Hudkins make up the nucleus of the company.

  • How long has Sage Wedding Albums been in business?

    Kris and John have been printing and binding custom albums for over 20 years. In 2019, they were overjoyed to launch their own business. We offer our handcrafted albums wholesale to photographers worldwide.

  • Does Sage Wedding Albums sell albums directly to brides?

    No. Sage Wedding Albums works only through photographers.

  • How does Sage Wedding Albums ship?

    We ship via UPS and also offer drop shipping.

  • Do your album prices include print and binding?

    Yes, absolutely.

  • What is the method of payment?

    Credit card. Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards are accepted.

  • How many different album sizes do you make?

    We currently produce over 15 different size albums. Please contact us for our album price sheet at sageweddingalbumsla2000@gmail.com

  • What type of paper does Sage Wedding Albums offer?

    We offer Lustre, Fine Art or Metallic Paper.

  • What type of box does the album come in?

    By default, albums (except 12x16) come in a black generic box. We also offer custom handmade boxes with or without a recessed image.

  • What is the minimum/maximum number of sides for your albums?

    Thin page boards: Minimum 10 sides (5 spreads) and the maximum number is 110 sides (55 spreads).

    Standard page boards: Minimum 10 sides (5 spreads) and the maximum number is 80 sides (40 spreads).

    Thick page boards: Minimum 10 sides (5 spreads) and the maximum number is 36 sides (18 spreads).

  • What size do I crop my cover image for the Full Metal Cover albums?

    Please check the Sage Albums Page.

  • Can albums be foil stamped?

    Yes, Sage Wedding Albums has dies made for each cover stamping whether for a foil stamp or for an emboss.

    You can now use any font style or size you wish. These files are required to be made in InDesign not PhotoShop. PhotoShop is not able to create the required vector file. (See the difference between an InDesign vector image and a Photoshop non-vector image.)


    • In InDesign, open a new document at 3.5” wide by 1” high.
    • Type in the font style and size.
    • When done, highlight your text then go above to TYPE, select CREATE OUTLINE from the drop down menu. You have just created a vector file with sharp clean edges required to laser cut a die.
    • Export as .eps file and you are done. Include this file in your transfer or e-mail it to Jack Hudkins at sageweddingalbumsla2000@gmail.com.

    If you cannot figure this out, we can make the file for you. Let us know what font you wish. We have all the basic fonts that come with InDesign. We will send you a file to proof.

  • Are Studio Sample Albums discounted?

    Yes, studio sample albums are discounted 50%. Sample albums are limited to 40 sides.

  • Does Sage Wedding Albums provide a swatch kit with cover samples?

    Yes. SWA provides swatches for all of our album cover materials (fabric, leatherette, Japanese book cloth and leather). The cost is $40 which includes paper samples and shipping/handling.

    Contact SWA for purchase at sageweddingalbumsla2000@gmail.com.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    Our normal turnaround time is 2–3 weeks. It's important to note that once we receive all your files, we double check everything. If there are any problems with the files, we will bring these to your attention for correction before we begin production. We do not just take your files and blindly make the album. We check everything carefully.

  • How are my files transferred to Sage Wedding Albums?

    All files can be uploaded via our Order Page which contains full instructions.

  • How do we prepare our files?

    Sage Wedding Albums requires full resolution jpeg files (flattened). It's also important to note that our printers run at 300dpi. Example: If you are sending in full spreads for a 12x12 album, your finished spreads should be 24x12 @300dpi. For a single page right start album, it would then be 12x12 @300dpi. Please remember to keep a 1/2" safe zone for all Non-Full bleed images.

  • What color profile does Sage Wedding Albums require?

    sRGB is the best color profile for photographic printing.

  • Can I send full spreads?

    Yes. Full spreads are fine. Please be aware of the center cut/crease line and avoid people's faces.

  • Can Sage Wedding Albums make albums with a center gutter-split or a center crease?

    Yes, we can provide either. Please note: Albums made with a center gutter can be repaired if need be, pages can be lifted and replaced. Albums made with a center crease can not be repaired.

  • Do you color correct my files?

    We do not. It’s very important to have your monitor color corrected as we print without adjusting your file. Every photographer has a different branded look that is unique to their studio and we want to preserve that.

  • How do I calibrate my monitor?

    There are a number of products that do this for you. Check Google.

  • Can I have white gutters on my albums?

    Yes, if you chose a “Center Gutter Album” then you can chose between black or a white gutter.